HOMO Influencers: Instagram

First things first, we would like to thank you for being a part of the HOMO ig family! Working with individuals like yourself is what makes HOMO what it is today. We’re just going to go over some information to help you navigate being a HOMO influencer :)


The important stuff.

By agreeing to work with HOMO, you are agreeing to post one (or more) images of yourself wearing the HOMO item on your main IG account feed within 4 weeks of receiving it. Any reason this might not be possible please inform us :)  The image should have a tag on the image and an @ in the description. You can say anything you like and the @ doesn’t need to be part of the conversation but simply “Crop by @homo_london


How to take the picture.

Shoot with the phone/camera on a tripod (not holding), if you have a friend that can help it takes some of the stress away from having to use a timer. The Picture should be in focus and have no heavy filters added.


The Location.

I feel like this one gets lost in the excitement sometimes. You should be the main focus of the shot and we would never want anything distracting away from it. We find photos in a real world environment always do better… meaning no brick walls, wall paper, white wall ect. Having a room or a place behind you is best. Don’t forget to clean up your room/the area and remove anything that may be lingering in the background that the camera might pick up in your shot. Shoot the image with sunlight. Outside or near a window (overhead lights are 🙅🏻‍♂️)

The pose.

Don’t try and be a “model”, your natural amazing self is what we love and what we want to see in the photo. Pick a stance where the garment is showing at its best.. can you see the item you were given?

The Confidence.

Nothing is sexier than confidence! Whatever makes you feel the sexiest and most comfortable… At the end of the day, It’s all about self-love. If you’re not obsessed with the photo don’t send to us! Give it another go until you have a photo you really like! We don’t want to post any photo you wouldn’t post yourself :)