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Spark Conversations: I Don't Know Her Tee - Hologram on Black

Spark Conversations: I Don't Know Her Tee - Hologram on Black

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Spark Conversations: Statement Wardrobe

Make a statement without uttering a word with the "I Don't Know Her Tee" - Hologram on Black. This section explores how this tee becomes a conversation starter, allowing you to express your individuality effortlessly. Pair it with your favorite jeans for a casual yet attention-grabbing look, or elevate it further with bold accessories for a night out.

Embrace the power of a wardrobe that speaks volumes, and let the holographic design on black create a visual symphony that leaves a lasting impression. Make a statement, spark conversations, and redefine your style with this unique piece.

We recommend that customers buy the size they have mainly in their wardrobe. As the bases are not big or small compared to other brands. (Not including active wear or skate wear) Attentively You can use the measurements provided in the gallery as a reference. Compare this to your favourite T-shirt and match the closest for what size will fit you just right. (The garment size sheet is only a provisional guide, each product can vary slightly in production.) 

Artworks overprinted on 100% Cotton bases.

Please Note that all HOMO artworks are hand printed, so artwork placements can vary from garment to garment. When washing HOMO we recommend a cold wash to preserve the colours as new.

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