About HOMO

Great designs that make a statement!

Products are uniquely made-to-order and you won’t find any of these designs in stores.

HOMO London is a small independent queer business created and run by queer couple Karl and Orestes, based in London UK.

Our mission was to create something people love and feel seen in. Often as queer people are forced to hide our truer selfs for the fear of being judged or bullied. With the name HOMO London we wanted to reclaim the word traditionally used as slur, much the same as QUEER once was... We use HOMO as a positive, taking its power away from oppressors. Starting on a dream, Karl and Orestes were tired of not having a fashion brand that truly resonated with their personal style.... So they decided to start their own!

Working out of their spare bedroom they over-print and customise each garment they sell. Still working freelance jobs to make ends meet, while the label slowly grows. Learning as they go.