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Norman the Racoon Spray Painting Trash on Black - tank

Norman the Racoon Spray Painting Trash on Black - tank

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Get ready to meet Norman!!
The small but mighty raccoon with a ton to share! Norman's passion lies in expressing himself, whether it's on a blank wall or a cool t-shirt, all adorned with his signature tag – and yes, just like him, it's all about trash. Favourite colour trash grey. 

Size guide
We recommend that customers buy the size they have mainly in their wardrobe. As the bases are not big or small compared to other brands. (Not including active wear or skate wear)

Model wears size medium.
Artwork overprinted 100% polyester bases.

Please note that all HOMO artworks are hand printed, so artwork placements can vary from garment to garment. When washing HOMO we recommend a cold wash to preserve the colours as new.

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